Product Design Professional

Web Design & Wireframes

High quality content for event and conference organizers to discover new and amazing talent for their future events. Web App Web App

As the product head and lead designer, I was responsible for designing the road map and the design for the web product where both speaker(s) and event organizer(s) could establish a relationship for future events and conferences. A speaker could create their profile with a biography, high-resolution images, and videos.

web_view.png Responsive View Responsive View

My favorite part of designing an experience is the process of determining what content is most crucial for the end user, especially where screen real estate is at a premium. My goal was to make sure nothing was lost for the user as they navigated from one device to another. Profile List Profile List

I created a visual list of speakers with the application within a responsive view.

Product Wireframes

Product Wireframes

Iterated on wireframes with internal teams to ensure the best quality experience for our users.

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